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Daniel Marshall

Since 1982, Daniel Marshall has been producing the world’s most luxurious and elegant humidors, and in 1995 expanded to launch his own brand of cigars.


His career started at the age of 19, when Daniel received a loan of USD15,000 to help finish building his dream 40 foot sailboat. Out of gratitude, he made a three cigar portable travel humidor from teak as a thank you gift for the lender, who was a passionate cigar smoker. That was the simple beginning of his luxury humidor career, which eventually led to winning design projects from Alfred Dunhill and Cartier in London.


Daniel expanded the business rapidly, and over the last 30 years has served the personal demands of private clients including four royal families, entertainment executives, captains of industry, famous celebrities, and many special individuals.


Platinum Wines is proud to be an official distributor of Daniel Marshall humidors and cigars across Asia since 2014.

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