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Daniel Marshall Cigars

Daniel Marshall’s cigars are created with the same care as his humidors: cigars are only created following exceptional harvests from the best plantations, and comprise three noble tobacco varieties: Connecticut-grown wrappers, Mexican-grown binders, and Dominican-grown long fillers. The result is a cigar that will mature for many years.


Daniel Marshall custom cigars are regularly enjoyed by celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Douglas, Sylvester Stallone, and Karl Marlone, as well as royal families and former US presidents.


Red Label


Daniel Marshall savours his own cigars accompanied by a full-bodied Bordeaux wine: its flavours of tobacco and white truffle compliment the cigar perfectly.


Daniel Marshall Red Label is masterfully crafted by Manuel Quesada of M.A.T.A.S.A., a family-owned factory based in the Dominican Republic. The family started its tobacco business in 1929, and is known for creating the Quesada, Casa Magna, and Heisenberg & Fonseca lines of cigars.


The Red Label series comprises accessibly-priced, every-day cigars, offering great value for money. The cigars are made with Ecuador-grown Connecticut shade wrapper blended with Dominican filler and binder.


Golden Cigar


In 2012, Universal Studios commissioned Daniel Marshall to design 1000 ultra-luxurious humidors as gifts for VIPs at the Blu-Ray release party of the movie Scarface. Following the creation of a stunning humidor featuring Swarovski crystals, Daniel decided that an over-the-top humidor deserved an equally over-the-top cigar. Months of research and design resulted in the world’s first 24k-gold Cigar.


The Golden Cigar is rolled by Nicaragua’s top-rated, 5th-generation cigar makers, Manuel Quesda and Nestor Plasencia. The wrapper, which is pure 24k gold leaf, is supplied by one of Italy’s oldest gold beaters, whose gold is used to restore historical structures like the Sistine Chapel.


As 24k gold’s melting point is higher than the burning point of tobacco, a beautiful golden ash is created as the cigar burns.


Of course, this is not a cigar rolled purely for show: The DM Torpedo used in the Golden Cigar received 91 points in the Cigar Journal.


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