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How many bottles are there in a case?

There are 12 bottles of wine in the average case. Some investment wines only contain 6 bottles. This is specified under each wine.

Can I have a mixed case?

Yes, you can select several different wines in any denomination to make up a case (12 bottles).

Can I try wines before I buy them?

We can arrange a tasting for you at our office if you would like to try specific wines. You can also attend our wine tasting events to try several different wines from around the world.

What should I do if I don’t like the wines I have purchased?

You can return the unopened bottles to us and we will credit your account for future purchases.


What is the delivery cost?

Delivery is free with every order totalling HK$ 1000 or more. 

How long will delivery take?

Your wines will be delivered to your door within 1-4 business days (depending on the date and time you place your order).

Do you deliver to Discovery Bay, Lantau or Lamma Island?

We deliver to the Central Pier 3. The wines are then taken across to DB for you to collect at the ferry pier on DB.

We deliver to Tung Chung and the airport on Lantau.

At this stage we cannot deliver to Lamma island.


How should I store my wines?

Ideally wines should be stored in a cool, dark place, resting on their sides. This prevents drying out of the cork. The cellar area should be free from vibrations and UV light. Optimal storage temperatures range from 6°C - 18°C, depending on the type of wine. Red wines should be stored at an average temperature of 10°C - 18°C. White wines should be stored at an average temperature between 7°C - 16°C.

Serving suggestions:

Most red wines should be decanted and allowed to breathe for at least 30 – 60 minutes before serving. The more full and robust the wine, the longer it should be decanted. Pinot Noirs do not need to be decanted as they are quite delicate wines with complex flavours and structure. There is no reason not to chill a red wine a few minutes before serving. The ideal serving temperature for most reds is 18°C. Red wines served too warm will taste too alcoholic and vinegary, served too cold they will taste overly tannic and have much less flavour.

The beauty of white wines is that they are best enjoyed young and refreshing with no decanting required. White wines should be served at an average temperature of 12°C. A white wine served too cold will be nearly tasteless and served too warm it will taste too alcoholic.


How do I join the Wine Club?

All details on how to join the Wine Club are listed here.



Please email us or call 2537 1696. We will gladly answer all your questions...well, wine-related questions.