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01 Jun

A glass of good wine, or a single malt scotch on the rocks - what's better value for money as an investment?

Source: BCC News


Especially now, as a corruption crackdown in China has caused the market to buckle and dozens of wine funds have been wound down.
The BBC's Juliana Liu meets one investor who's switched from wine to whisky, which is seeing unprecedented demand. But can it last?  [More Detail]




04 Mar

The world is running low on old single malt Scotch

Source: CNN Money


Bottoms up! Whisky lovers are draining the world's supply of old single malt Scotch.
Thirst for the liquor is booming around the world -- from the U.S. to developing countries like China -- pushing prices of older vintages through the roof, attracting savvy investors hoping to cash in and forcing distilleries to scramble to meet demand [More Detail]




02 Mar

Whisky Fund Investors Are About to Toast Their First Dividend

Source: Bloomberg


The Platinum Whisky Investment Fund, which was launched in Hong Kong in June 2014, is preparing to pay its first dividend, according to chief executive officer Rickesh Kishnani [More Detail]




26 Feb

Whisky: A Wee Dram for Your Portfolio?

Source: Barron's Asia


Volatile stock markets have left many investors in need of a stiff drink. But an investment in just that – a stiff drink – may be the tonic needed to calm investors’ nerves, while also adding diversification to the portfolios of Asia’s wealthy [More Detail]





06 Mar

Investing in Rare Whisky

Source: Asia Bankers Club


• Premium whisky is a collectable asset with value appreciation primarily due to its rarity
• Annual sales of single malt Scotch whisky increased by 190% from US$390 million to US$1.1 billion in the last 10 years
• Large gap between limited supply and growing demand continues to drive up the value of premium whiskies [More Detail]




14 Jan

Wealth-X Toasts The New Year With Champagne And Eight Predictions

Source: Wealth-X



Around 50 of Hong Kong’s movers and shakers in the luxury, real estate and private banking spheres gathered last night to celebrate the forthcoming Year of the Snake at Wealth-X’s New Year’s drinks party, held at the trendy Cat Street Gallery on Hollywood Road [More Detail]




09 Dec