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Platinum Wines

Platinum Wines has you covered from the vine to the wine. Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur, we have a bottle (or more) for you. We have access to the finest, high-quality, limited production and collectible wines from around the world.


We send regular email offers of these wines to our private clients, which are often in very limited quantity, so leave us your email address to receive future releases!


Great Everyday Drinking Wines


Our wines are sourced from the most famous wine regions all over the world. From Bordeaux to the Barossa, Rhone Valley to Napa Valley and everything in between, the Platinum Direct team has worked hard to uncover vineyard gems. Our knowledge of quality wines has been garnered through passion, great interest, travelling and extensive…well, drinking.


We aim to import the majority of our wines from boutique vineyards. This ensures you get to taste unique, non-commercialised wines that are of exceptional quality and nothing less. You certainly won’t find our wines in your local supermarket!


Don’t know much about wines except that you like to drink them? We have wine consultants to guide you with personal recommendations. We don’t judge, we don’t tell; we get to know you and what you like and we go from there. Once you’ve decided on a case, be it one kind of wine or a mixed case, we will deliver it straight to your door, free of charge.


Collectible Wines and En Primeur


Collectible wines are often wines bought en primeur, which means the wine is bought while still in the barrel. This allows private clients to purchase high-end wines up to two years before they are bottled. The advantage of this tends to be that the wine is often cheaper to buy En Primeur than it will be when it is bottled and released onto the open market.


The wines most commonly offered En Primeur are from Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhône Valley and Port, although other regions are adopting the practice. En Primeur wines are released for sale every year in the summer, when the previous year’s vintage will be available for purchase.


Platinum Wines continuously analyses the fine wine market and has several experienced wine consultants who can guide you in setting up a portfolio if you are new to the market, or help you maintain and expand your existing collection.

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