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Whisky Investment Fund


Platinum Wines has the pleasure of creating the world's first private equity whisky fund – the Platinum Whisky Investment Fund – which offers investors a unique opportunity to take advantage of ever-increasing demand for single-malt Scotch whisky.


The USD10 million Fund is aimed exclusively at private professional investors, and possesses one of the largest and most valuable collections of whisky in the world. Fund principals have direct access to a broad range of premium whiskies at attractive, discounted prices thanks to our long-standing relationships with renowned distilleries, private collectors, and suppliers.


The Fund is led by both our CEO, Rickesh Kishnani, and our Chief Investment Officer, David Robertson, who has over 20 years' experience in the industry, having worked as Master Distiller at The Macallan, and as the Rare Whisky Director at The Dalmore. Structured as a closed-ended private equity investment vehicle in the Cayman Islands, the fund is administered by SinPac Solutions & Services.


This being the world's first fund of its kind, it has understandably attracted important media attention, notably by Bloomberg and CNBC.